Benefits of Namkha

Namkhai Norbu’s Namkha is a Tibetan Buddhist practice based on an ancient Tibetan ritual practice and Bön heritage. Namkha means

  • the precise method to calculate the pattern based on Tibetan Astrology,
  • the method of construction,
  • and the consecration ritual with meditation and mantras.

Sacred and functional

Namkha is a mind terma of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, an enlightened master. Namkha is an authentic Buddhist tradition imbued with blessings of Buddha. Your namkha is made with care in the authentic way by an authorised practitioner. The blessing stream of the lineage is intact, so you can trust you are getting a functional, sacred object.

Astrological remedy

Namkha is a sacred object created for you personally to harmonizes conflicts in the Sog, Lu, Wangthang, Lungta, La and the Mewa and Parkha, according to Tibetan and Chinese Astrology, as well as conflicts deriving from astrological influences of the current year. There are always imbalances in every person’s chart, and your astrologer will tell you about yours. Namkha is one of the most effective ways available to harmonize it.


Namkha is beneficial for you and everyone because it is a source of merit. Especially if you are a Buddhist practitioner, you understand about accumulating merit that you can dedicate. 

Namkha for everyone

Namkha is not only for Buddhists, shamans, meditators or astrologers. The great thing about Namkha is that although it is hard to come by and make, once you have it, it will work for you for the rest of your life without much engagement on your part. It only needs to be treated with respect as a sacred object. Everyone should have their namkha. The more we harmonize our own energies, the more harmonized the world will be. Feel free to gift a namkha to your loved ones.

Namkha not only for persons

Namkha can also be created for anything with a starting date. It is often advised for new ventures, relationships, weddings, business, project etc. to harmonize any obstacles that can derive from astrological conflicts.

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