My name is Zuzana Čerňáková, currently living in the Czech Republic. Pedronma is a unique variation on my Tibetan name Pema Drolma.

I’m a dedicated Namkha practitioner, which means that Namkha is my main practice as a Buddhist.

I received the Namkha transmission from the Tibetan master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in Prague in August 2016. Ever since, I have been making and authenticating Harmonizing Namkhas precisely according to the method of Namkhai Norbu’s terma.

In spring 2018, I undertook a personal Namkha retreat to connect with the practice. The result of that retreat fully convinced me of the power of Namkha. All through that year I worked tirelessly to make namkhas for my friends and family. I also went public, with the aim to make Namkha known and available to everyone, outside the circle of Rinpoche’s students. The intensive retreats have become a regular and important part of my practice.

With the passing of Namkhai Norbu on 27 September 2018, my practice intensified, as I worked hard to honour the legacy of the master. I set myself a goal to complete 108 namkhas in honour and gratitude to Namkhai Norbu. Since the completion of that commitment in 2019, I have been trying my best to satisfy any incoming requests for namkha construction. Namkhas born in my hands are now doing their sacred work in 30 countries around the world.

I did my best, and one day YOU will be responsible for the teachings.

~ Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche speaking to his disciples


Apart from the specific Namkhai Norbu Namkha, I create namkhas of traditional Tibetan designs both Bon and Buddhist. Tibetan shamanic namkha tradition has been around for centuries, even millennia. With the spread of Buddhism in Tibet from the 8th century, the woven thread cross became incorporated into Buddhist practice and to a limited degree is still practised today. Namkhai Norbu is noted for the revival of the ancient Namkha tradition as a personal astrological remedy. As a tool to harmonize the Five Elements, the method is more than ever relevant today, in times of personal and universal chaos and degeneration.

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Namkha is a great gift for us and the world. It’s a powerful Buddhist practice with huge benefits felt by real people, as you can read in the Testimonials. It’s a great honour for me that my namkha are owned by hundreds of wonderful people around the world, Buddhist practitioners, healers, doctors, astrologers, artists, athletes, especially Lama Tsultrim Allione, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Lama Tsering Everest, and Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer.

I am a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, who received a traditional training thanks to the care of some great, authentic teachers. It helped to stay, teach and study in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery over the course of two years and do some travels in Tibet and across India. Nonetheless, my meeting with the Namkha master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche happened in my very hometown of Prague, of all places.

These days I’m settled in the country near Prague with my wonderful husband and young twin boys, striving to infuse every living moment with the practice of Dharma, even in my worldly role as a language teacher, translator and writer.

By ordering a namkha from me, you are not only supporting my practice, but also contributing to the preservation and promotion of the Namkha tradition as a whole.