Namkha goes to Bhutan

The Bhutanese Buddhism blogger Phub Dorji Wang contacted me about commissioning a namkha. He graciously accepted the namkha as an offering from me for his public service in running his Dharma blog about Tibetan Buddhism and Bhutanese culture.

He wrote on his Facebook timeline in October 2019:

“Today I am very happy and truly blessed to receive a Harmonizing Namkha of my birth sign especially made for me by Madam Zuzana Čerňáková. She sent through a registered post from Czech Republic.

Namkha is a very special harmonizing and protection amulet for an individual. Bhutanese use Namkha intensively in various rituals ceremonies but the one use in amulets is not known since they are enclosed in stitched cloth.

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According to Madam Zuzana, she prepares the Namkha by writing the LAM seed syllable first at the central notch and yellow Earth rhombus is than formed. Harmonization bands are added as per calculation based on individual birth sign and element. Each colour is tied by a knot to the following one, the last one left hanging loose. In the end, when all rhombi are completed, the loose threads are joined by a single Harmonizing Thread, which also represents the LA aspects. LA is the 9th aspect of the Namkha – protection. Mine is a Fire and represented by the red thread that goes around the whole of Namkha. If the Namkha were to be unwound, you’d get a single unbroken thread.

She explained that the namkha of the birth year takes into consideration 8 aspects of the individual calculated on the basis of Element – Animal – Mewa number of the year of birth.

Each aspect is ruled by an element (green Wood, red Fire, yellow Earth, white Metal, blue Water). The central colors of the 8 rhombi represent the 8 aspects of the individual; the coloured bands around them are the “harmonization bands”. If the aspects around the central SOG aspect are in mother-son relationship with it, harmonization bands are wound in mother-son sequence. If they’re in friend-enemy relationship, the harmonization bands are in friend-enemy sequence, until harmonization between them is achieved.

According to her in my Namkha, the body, capacity, lungta and life mewa are in harmony – all happen to be Metal. Metal is in mother-son relationship with my Earth in SOG.
The only conflict to be harmonized is the Fire in Capacity Mewa against the Life Mewa. Otherwise all the other aspects in my pattern are in harmony. Great to know that.

Thank you so much

About Madam Zuzana Cernakova

Madam Zuzana Čerňáková has received the Namkha Rite from late His Holiness Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. She has been making and authenticating Harmonizing Namkhas precisely according to late Rinpoche’s method. She also undertook a personal Namkha retreat to connect with the practice. The result of the retreat fully convinced her of the power of the Namkha. She has been making namkhas tirelessly for her friends and family as well as to satisfy any requests that came from all around the world from both Rinpoche’s students and others feeling drawn to Namkha like me.

With the passing of His Holliness Namkhai Norbu last year she has further intensified the practice, to honour the master from whom she received this practice. She made around 50 namkhas in year 2018. Since the start of 2019 she continued making namkhas when requested, conduct research into the Namkha tradition and history, and expand her Namkha practice.

Apart from the specific Namkhai Norbu namkha, she also create namkhas based on other traditional designs from Tibet, both Bon and Buddhist. Tibetan shamanic namkha tradition has been around for centuries, may be even millennia. With the spread of Buddhism in Tibet from the 8th century, the woven thread cross became incorporated into Buddhist practice and to a certain degree still practiced today.

Her workshop bears the name Pedronma, a derivation of my Tibetan name Pema Drolma.
The woven mandalas she make incorporate the principles of the Buddhist Tantra, which means they are made with a particular activity in mind.

• Power Namkhas produce a specific power of action while they make a nice decoration.

• Medicine Buddha Namkha, for example, is empowered by mantras for powerful healing and protection against disease.

• Five Buddhas Mandalas are designed to produce a specific powerful activity, according to one’s needs and wishes, for example magnetizing action.

• Multipurpose namkha, ideal for Reiki healing

• Bardo Namkhas bless the passage of the deceased and are made in connection with the ritual for liberating the consciousness of the deceased.

• Mini-Namkhas and Pendants are a portable blessing.

• I also create replicas of historical namkhas for unique-art collectors and as exhibits.

Explore the on this web for a comprehensive overview. She regularly updates her blog, so please subscribe to receive the news.

Namkha is a great gift for the world and us. It’s a powerful Buddhist practice with huge benefits.

According to her blog Namkha is not just a pretty decoration – it’s a functional object. Anyone can attempt to make a namkha, but to give it its power; the finished object needs to be authenticated through a ritual done by a tantric practitioner who has received the practice from an authentic master of the lineage.

Plesae don’t forget to learn more on Namkha. You will gain huge knowledge by visiting the blog, which again I give the link”

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