The ever-elegant and sublime Lama Tsering Everest posing with her Red Tara Namkha, commissioned by her student.

Lama Tsering Everest is a holder of the Red Tara lineage of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche in Brazil.

Lama Tsultrim Allione’s personal namkha commissioned by her student, now on her shrine Foto

Lama Tsultrim Allione is one of the best-known female Buddhist masters of our time. She is a holder of the powerful Machig Labdron lineage, a Buddhist teacher and author of many books, and the proponent of the Feeding Your Demons spiritual therapy. She is also a disciple of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, who is the master of Namkha.

Migmar Tsering giving a course on astrology

Migmar Tsering is a disciple of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. The Tibetan Lama Migmar wrote kind words of appreciation and support to me as a Namkha pracitioner:

Dear Zuzana, you did a wonderful job with Namkha really really good. The practice of Namkha is surely powerful because it works with the elements and their beneficia[rie]s. Also if you understand how elements work, everything will become more easy and fortunate. Tashi delek and best wishes Migmar Tsering.

Dorji's shrine

Namkha owners have expressed profound feelings about their Namkha

Thank you for doing such a blissful work. Your website is fascinating and so very well done and professional…. The Namkha just arrived and we unpacked it. What a strong and wonderful vibrations it has! Martin is so pleased and happy. We thank you so very much for your effort, dedication and craftwork. It is beautiful.
~ Iris, wife of Martin Davis, the late Olympic fencer and special astrologer
Today I am very happy and truly blessed to receive a Harmonizing Namkha of my birth sign especially made for me by Madam Zuzana Čerňáková.
~ Bhutanese Dharma blogger Phub Dorji Wang (read full testimonial)
Phub with namkha
Photo on Phub’s post on his Facebook page.

Wonderful! Grateful that you are providing this service for people. People often ask me for astrological remedies and I think the namkha is likely one of the best ones available.

Neeshee Pandit, Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine graduate and professional Vedic astrologer practising in Hawaii, USA

The beautiful Namkhas you crafted with skill, prayers and mantra, have been balancing the energies for all who visit my home and also for me in my private quarters. Thank you for your service.

Kay Kraty, Healer and Spiritual Teacher, UK

I sit with the three that you have made for me, and the benefit of others. My shrine, home, and neighborhood has been transformed. Wonderful practice my friend.

Roger, USA

(Seeing photo of his namkha) Beautiful work. I already feel the harmonizing power of it. (Upon receiving namkha) I feel a very positive and active vibration in the house since I received the namkha. I received the 2 items, namkha and mandala, safely and graciously packed. I immediately felt the harmonizing power of the namkha. You are definitely a very good practitioner of the way of namkha! … (3 months later) My Namkha is in front of me on my desk, I love it.

JMB, France


Lots of wonderful energy in the (amulet) namkhas.

Sasha, New Zealand

I’m so happy to have my namkha. I had tears in my eyes when I first touched it. My cat is also excited. He loves it and wants to lick it.

Marcela, Germany

It is stunning! I am in awe of the precision and refinement of the finished piece!  Thank you! 
It is now resting on my altar so I see it each morning upon waking, and at night before closing my eyes to sleep. 
I am so grateful for this support of my well-being. Thank you for doing this important work, and thank you for making it so accessible. 

∼ Melea, Kansas, USA

(9 months after receiving the namkha) You have helped me so, so very much. My life has taken a new turn and the stuffy stagnation has all but disappeared. Amazing!!!

Sonya, Slovakia

(3 months of each family member having a namkha) I really feel the namkhas are balancing the energies and makes the energy more light. I really love the namkhas. I feel my life is about to change!

Aina, Norway