How Namkha Heals

In Buddhist healing, we understand that physical suffering is a symptom of karmic ripening. Everything in existence and what we experience is cause-and-effect, which means there is always a cause to everything that manifests. This is called karma.

The law of karma is a very natural truth: We have made the causes for what we are experiencing today, although we might not remember it, lifetimes ago even. The seeds of karma ripen when conditions and circumstances are there. The subtle mind carries the cause, which, when ripening, solidifies into the five elements and further into matter, and so we experience a manifestation of a physical body, with all its features and imperfections. This is happening every second.

The namkha works on the energy level, right before the matter solidifies and one’s energetic constitution gets affected. The same goes for the any Buddhist practice – it changes the karma. So we are not healing the body as such, which is the manifestation and the symptoms you can physically experience, but go a step before the matter manifests.

Only the enlightened mind can see directly what the cause of the illness is and how much karma needs to be purified, so we can’t see that until we are Buddha. But we know that the Buddhist practice works, based on the truth of cause and effect and practices taught by Buddhas to us.

Astrological Remedy

Astrological calculations regarding your birthday reveal a lot, as your karma caused you to be born at a certain time, when the elements were arranged in a certain way. For example, I can see autoimmune disease in one’s astrological pattern, for example. Western medicine is great for treating injury but won’t do more for autoimmune diseases than soothing the symptoms. That’s because the cause for autoimmunity is energetic and allopathic medicine doesn’t go that far. Namkha works to harmonize the conflicting elements of the aspects in your energy pattern that are causing autoimmune reaction. It works on your energetic constitution to help healing at the very root of the illness, on the energy level.

Namkha works on more levels than the physical. The mental-intellectual, fortune and life-force aspects that constitute our sense of self may or may not be in harmony. We experience elemental conflicts on the scale of suffering, from discomfort, worry, stress to full-blown excruciating mental illness. Namkha works to harmonize the conflicts to bring healing prevent to all aspects of our lives. And in cases where the destructive potential has not yet become manifest, the Namkha is a preventative measure.

Read more practical information about How namkha is calculated and its harmonizing function achieved.

General information about Namkha and lineage

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