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Everything in the external world arises from space. From space arises energy, the elements – wind, fire, water, earth – and everything dissolves back into space. Likewise, in the internal world, from space arises consciousness and the subtle elements, which dissolve back into space, the innate clear-light mind.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

NAMKHA ནམ་མཁའ་ (Tibetan) – sky, space

Weaving a thread-cross for a purpose is an ancient folk tradition of the Himalayan region.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and Pedronma

Namkha of Interdependence tendrel namkha is a practice of manifestating the five elements from basic space through specific intention.

Namkha is created with mantra and meditation according to complex method, consecrated in the end during Buddhist ritual.

As a dedicated practitioner of the Namkha tradition, I make authentic namkhas for the benefit of people and the world. You can commission your own original and authentic custom-made namkha.

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1. Harmonizing Namkha

  • tradition of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
  • based on Tibetan Astrology and your Tibetan birth year
  • harmonizes 5 Element imbalances in your astrological pattern and neutralizes unfavourable astrological circumstances
  • Read all about this namkha here> Overview about Namkha of Namkhai Norbu

Namkha is of a 35cm or 50cm variety, made with quality round beechwood sticks and thin quality cotton yarn of 5 colours. No glue is used, the force of the weave keeps the frame intact. It is rather delicate and meant as a shrine or decoration object. 

Our psycho-physical body is made of five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Their levels and mutual interaction are individual and determined at birth. By making calculations based on one’s birth date, the energy pattern of the individual can be determined. Gross conflicts in the elemental pattern can have negative consequences for the individual. There are ways to affect them, like Tibetan medicine, ritual practice, or constructing a namkha.

Astrological remedy

Harmonizing namkha of the birth year is calculated based on Tibetan Astrology (of the Kalachakra Tantra) and constructed to form a pattern that represents a harmonized energy system of the individual, otherwise out of balance. The finished construction is blessed through a sacred ritual to invite the sacred energies to reside within it and connect with its owner. Only then it becomes alive and functional. The power of the namkha then acts on the individual’s energies to balance, heal and protect. It also protects from unfavourable astrological influences, such as those of the current year, that could negatively affect one’s energy pattern.


Harmonizing Namkha made especially for you is perfect if you have been told you have imbalance in your astrology. Maybe you have already been experiencing the difficulties in certain apects of your life connected to the imbalance in your astrological pattern.

It’s also perfect for children, since it can help them avoid the suffering that could otherwise gradually manifest from these imbalances by bringing them into harmony early on.

Namkha can also be made for anything with a starting date, i.e. a business, project, relationship, marriage, new job, school etc. It makes an auspicious, unique and meaningful wedding or new-baby gift.

If you gift a namkha, please make sure the person will appreciate and value this gift long term. Namkha is a sacred object to be treated with due care. Read about this here before you decide.

For the construction and consecration ritual, I follow closely the method of the Tibetan master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. I invite Rinpoche’s students to get an authentic namkha for their own practice and needs.

2. Mandala Namkha

Namkha can be constructed to represent a Buddha or a Deity in the same way as a painting or a statue. Any deity can be represented by a namkha. I make namkhas of deities I have received initiation for and practice. They are empowered by the Namkha practice and the deity saddhana and mantra. Contact me for availability. The most popular deity namkhas have been Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla), Green Tara (Drolma), and Kurukulla (Rigjema).

  • Medicine Buddha Mandala

The Medicine Buddha Namkha is empowered by the Namkha ritual and imbued by the power of the Medicine Guru saddhana and mantra recitations.

The Medicine Buddha’s healing power radiates from the namkha and blesses everyone who comes into contact with it. It can also be used as a shrine object and meditation support. More information – Medicine Buddha Namkha

  • Green Tara Mandala

Same in its concept is the Green Tara namkha. The namkha is a representation of Green Tara, the female Buddha that liberates from anxiety with her swift action. In the world of chaos, confusion and fear of danger to our existence, Tara is the perfect protector that helps to liberate our minds with her unconditional love, in whatever way is necessary and suitable for us.

  • Kurukulla Magnetizing Mandala

Blessed with the magnetizing acitivity, this namkha attracts whatever is desired. Buddhist practitioners are encouraged by the Buddha not to be shy to request anything necessary for their life. In order to be successful in our highest spiritual aims, we need to be settled and comfortable and our ordinary human needs taken care off. The Padma Family of the Buddhas, represented here by Kurukulla, grants the activity of magnetizing all that is excellent in saṃsāra and nirvāṇa, be it wealth or people. Kurukulla herself is particularly invoked in order to attract the perfect romantic partner.

3. Universal Harmony Namkha


A power-wand (not just) for healers and shamans

Combination of Harmonization Namkha and Medicine Buddha Mandala, described above. This namkha of an ancient Tibetan shamanic design is to be used actively for environment cleansing and warding off obstacles and harmful forces before and during shamanic rituals, or for aura sweeping as part of healing sessions, reiki etc. When not in use, keep it on the shrine or hang on wall to continue its work even when not in active use. Even if you’re not a healer, just keeping this namkha in your environment will bring harmonization and blessings to you and the world.

4. Bardo Namkha

  • for meditators
  • for deceased

This is a namkha inspired by the ritual for of the deceased, which is done for those who passed away. It is blessed by an authentic ritual.


This design represents and blesses the natural transformational process the mind goes through during the dying and death process – the dissolution of the five elements and the experiences in the bardo (the intermediate state), as based on the Tibetan terma teaching known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This namkha represents the Liberation in the First Bardo. This namkha can be created in memory of a deceased person, to bless their passage from this life, and to assist a vajrayana practitioner in their own meditative preparation for the experience of death. Read more in detail about Bardo Namkha.

5. Amulets

A pocket version of the Deity Mandala or customized mandala to carry on the person, hang at your desk or put in your child’s school bag. Also makes a great and meaningful gift. Keep it in your car for protection. This portable version of the larger namkha are empowered and function as well as the customized Deity Mandala Namkhas. They are custom-designed according to purpose and need, based on consultation. If you have a personal Harmonizing Namkha, a pocket version can also be made as a proxy that you can carry with you, for added protection.

Custom-made namkha amulets empowered by mantras for luck, prosperity, healing, and protection, designed exactly to one’s particular spiritual and practical needs.

6. Customized Namkhas and Replicas

Custom-made Namkhas made to specified order

If you’d like to benefit from a particular namkha, contact me for a consultation. I can design a unique namkha exactly according to your needs.

Unique Namkhas can be designed for practitioners as support for their meditation practice, based on their specific requirements.

I am able to create replicas of historical Tibetan thread crosses. Collectors, contact me with your commission proposal.

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