What makes Namkha special from other amulets?

Q: I perceive you explain namkha is a sort of amulet but at the same time different amulet then most – did I get that correct? Can you tell me more about why namkha is special?

A: You could say namkha is an amulet because it has a protective function.

There are many different kinds of amulets in the world. Some originate in ancient cultures, like the American Indian dream catcher, for example. These days, dream catcher is sold to tourists as amulet, but it’s just a souvenir without any function.

Namkha, on the other hand, has a living lineage of power. That power is what makes a namkha alive when it’s first constructed. Without that, a namkha would just be a decoration without any function.

Namkha is an ancient tradition from Tibet, originating in indigenous Bon religion, but this particular Namkha tradition is a Buddhist practice. There is a sadhana text with meditation and mantra recitation that need to be done by a practitioner who has received the transmission from a qualified master. I received the transmission from the great Tibetan master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

So, when you have a correctly constructed namkha, which has been authentically empowered by ritual, it is a sacred, functional amulet with a specific and real function.

Read about Namkha and the lineage

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