Namkha as a gift

You love Namkha. You know how beneficial this precious practice is. You are having one made and you’d also love to give it to your near and dear ones. No wonder: you’re one of those generous souls who want everyone they care for to have the best. But have you thought whether THEY’d appreciate it?

You know that Namkha is not a regular object, a pretty ornament or dead “amulet” you can buy at a market. Because it’s a sacred practice, its power depends on its treatment. There are accounts of Buddha’s relics multiplying when treated with devotion. Similarly, sacred objects live and grow powerful with faith and respectful treatment.

Namkha is an extremely personal, sacred object. It is a representation of your energetic constitution, your energy mind-body. People have expressed how intimate namkha is to them. Some feel that showing off their namkha is like revealing their nakedness. It’s personal, intimate, and for some even private.

If you feel your loved one is in dire need of a namkha, you should consider gifting it if you know they will have a similar attitude. At the minimum, they should have a natural tendency to respect it and be able to give it basic care, like handling and keeping it with respect. The beauty of the namkha practice is that it will benefit even without engagement, i.e. just by keeping it. So it is in fact perfect for people who don’t have an active spiritual practice. They will benefit just by having a namkha made.

If you are unsure, we can always talk about it. I am not stopping anyone from owning a namkha. In fact, it’s my commitment to make Namkha as widely available as possible. This practice was conceived and taught by the Buddhist master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu to benefit today’s world, and it is my promise to him to carry on and spread his vision. So my commitment is both to you and the sacred practice. My attitude has always been to thrive to get a namkha out to anyone who’s asked for one. If you’re asking on someone’s behalf, I must trust your own discernment.

Thank you for considering this.

If you you’d like to gift a namkha, please send your request

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