Losar and Day of Miracles

Losar – Tibetan New Year

Two weeks ago we welcomed the New Year of Earth Boar.

A namkha functions not only to harmonize conflicts between the aspects of one’s astrological pattern, but also with the energies of the current years.

Therefore, in addition to the regular Namkha ritual I do for all the namkhas I have made, at Losar I am particularly focusing on harmonizing the namkhas with the New Year’s energies.

When your birth year is Boar (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and babies born this year), there’s a particular danger. As Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche says:

All those arriving at the year of their birth animal are in keg, the return of the animal of their year of birth, which is not favourable. It is advisable to avoid situations which may pose a risk. For example, one should avoid visiting the sick, avoid construction work etc. Dedicate yourself as much as possible to spiritual practice and particularly to long life practice, receive the tsewang (longlife empowerment), carry out actions that benefit the community of practitioners, read the Prajnaparamita Sutra in the long, medium and short versions, recite Togzung and Sitatapatra sutras, do the Gyazhi and Kegdog rituals.

As Rinpoche teaches us, having a namkha made is one easy and effective way to harmonize the conflicts between your personal energies and the energies of the current year, to minimize the risk. To request a namkha, contact me.

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Chotrul Duchen – Buddha Miracle Day

The first 15 days of the New Year is called the Month of the Miracles. It culminates with Chotrul Duchen, the Day of Miracles at Full Moon.

It is a major Buddhist festival, commemorating the life of the Buddha. Shakyamuni Buddha performed several miracles throughout his life for various reasons. Not to show off his qualities, but to serve the Dharma and sentient beings. This is a good day to practise, as the merit is multiplied by 100 thousand.

So, I’m empowering the Harmonizing Namkhas and the Magnetizing Mandalas made in the New Year, in the period of the first two weeks in the run-up to this day, which are considered particularly auspicious. At this time I’ve also started several namkhas that I will work on until the waxing moon period of the next month, when they’ll be authenticated (empowered to function).

My dedication is towards the well-being of the namkha recipients, the preservation and spread of the Namkha practice and Buddha Dharma, the long life of Buddhist teachers and liberation of all beings.

May the Buddha come to this world and his teachings shine brightly as the sun. May beings encounter these teachings. May they all achieve perfect enlightenment, the ultimate liberation!

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