Losar – Blessing namkha for New Year

With the Tibetan year turning, it’s essential to remember to empower the harmonizing namkhas.

I try to bless my namkhas at least once a month. The ones that are not physically present are blessed by proxy of their images. Blessing is always done in the first half of the lunar month as the moon is waxing and the energies are on the increase. If I have time, I do the longer blessing from the Namkha book by Namkhai Norbu, or I do the shorter version from the Thun book. But at Losar, empowering the namkhas is especially important so a puja can be done, too.

The New Year blessing should be done in the first half of the first Tibetan month, this year it was the period between 16 February and 1 March, 2018. This period is also called Losar Bumgyur Dawa in Tibetan and it’s a very blessed time for any Dharma practice, which commemorates the 15 miraculous deeds that the Buddha performed to convince his rivals, and the result of actions if multiplied by millions. The 15th day (full moon) is called the Day of the Miracles and it fell on the 1 March this year.

The harmonizing namkhas especially need to be done as their function is connected with the birth year of the individual and its relationship with the energies of the current year. Each year has its own energy that influenced the health and fortune aspects of each individual born in different year differently. The harmonizing namkha has been constructed to harmonize the conflicting energies and its function is set in motion by the empowering ritual.  So as the energies of the old year wane and the energies of the New Year start to be felt, it’s important to empower the namkhas for their proper harmonizing function to be maintained.

I do a puja of Mipham’s Shower of Blessings and the complete empowering ritual from the Namkha book, as if the namkhas were brand new. (Remember, you can do the ritual if you’ve received the transmission from a qualified master. )

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