Namkha to balance Water Tiger 2022

As an astrological remedy, Harmonizing Namkha is prescribed as a way to harmonize conflicting aspects within your astrological pattern, according to Tibetan Astrology. But Namkha also has the important function to dispell the unfavourable influence of the current year. This year, Water Tiger may be a perilous year for many birth-years, to lesser or greater extend.

Keg – year of the returning animal

First of all, those born in the Tiger year are going to experience an unfavourable year. Tiger is the year of the returning animal (keg) for you. The Tiger year influence lasts between March 3, 2022 to February 21, 2022. If you are celebrating 60th birthday in that period, you were born in Water Tiger year of the previous metreng and the year is particularly unfavourable. It goes for those celebrating their 84th, 72th, 48th, 36th, 24th, and 12th birthday, as well.

Dunsur – year of opposite animal

Monkey is the opposite sign to Tiger, and this is also considered unfavourable. This includes those celebrating their 78th, 66th, 42nd, 30th, 18th, and 6th birthday.

Baby born in Metal Tiger

Any new baby would be so lucky to get equipped with a Namkha! In fact, there are a few babies in the world now who have had their namkha made for them at birth, benefitting from having their pattern harmonized from the very start. It has been most satisfying for me to be able to serve them in that way, and I highly recommend a Namkha for you baby or child.

If you are interested in harmonizing the influence of your birth-year, please get in touch.

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