Saga Dawa Namkha Retreat

I am grateful to all those who have allowed me to carry out the Saga Dawa Namkha semi-retreat by ordering a namkha in the last month. The Saga Dawa is the holiest month for Buddhists and within my worldly daily duties I have been able to devote several hours each day engrossed in meditation on the five elements, and my manual skills have also very much improved. The holy beings were close and gave clear signs that the Namkha is a powerful practice that creates much benefit and merit quickly. I will therefore remain devoted to this practice in my lifetime.

Why Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa Düchen, the most important Buddhist festival, took place on Tuesday, 29 May 2018, this year. It commemorates the life and enlightenment of the Buddha. On that holy day, I consecrated the namkhas I had prepared that month. They’ll be just as powerful as any of my namkhas, yet the merit that’s been accumulated this time is greatly multiplied by having done the practice during Saga Dawa. I dedicate it with gratitude to the special beings, who have ordered the namkhas and so allowed me to make progress in my namkha practice. The namkhas will be finding their rightful owners in the coming week or so. Two will be going to France, three to Germany and the remainder will be dispatched personally here in the Czech Republic.

There are still a few custom namkha orders to carry out, which will be authenticated next month. After that, I would like to focus on bringing to life the namkhas that have entered my mind in meditation, inspired by traditional designs.

How it started

The idea for the Namkha Retreat came when I received several orders for custom-made namkhas in April. I devoted a few weeks purely to the namkha practice. During that time, I experienced signs and inspiration of a force that I have experienced in other practice retreats before. This has completely dispelled any doubts whether the Namkha practice is authentic or not and I can safely accept it amongst my close practices.

Do you want to practise?

This is a Buddhist practice. If you’d like to do this practice, it’s absolutely necessary to have Refuge and receive transmission from a qualified master, which these days will be Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, best have completed the preliminary practices of Tibetan Buddhism, and have an understanding of Emptiness and the Five Elements philosophy, in order to get some results. Otherwise it’s just a child’s play with sticks and yarn, which might give you some worldly pleasure, but which without Wisdom and the motivation of Bodhicitta will not be of much benefit or a cause of spiritual realization and Enlightenment.

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