Q: What you mean that the Namkha have to empower every month? What I have to do, then?

A: The namkha is blessed and functional as you receive it, but as Namkhai Norbu recommends, it’s good to do the Namkha practice once in a while, at least once a year at Losar (Tibetan New Year). If you have received the Namkha transmission from Rinpoche, you can do this practice as in the Thun Book. Otherwise, I’ll be doing this for you on your behalf, once a month at least. This is a way to make sure your namkha does not lose power due to manipulation and environmental effects etc. You don’t have to do anything. But each Losar, it’s good if you check the namkha and clean it etc.

Q: When I order a Namkha for me and a person who live with me in a flat, is there a conflict between the two different Namkhas?

A: Actually, namkhas will not clash, in fact, the opposite will happen. It’s actually ideal if people in some kind of relationship each have their own namkha. Namkha works on personal energies and also on the energies coming from the outside. Namkhas harmonize with each other. For example, I’ve made 7 Harmonizing Namkha for all members of one family in Norway and they’re reporting amazing results.

Q: You say a Namkha should not come in contact with tobacco smoke. But when I am out with the Mini Namkha in a public place, so is then better to carry the Mini covered? Like a box?

A: Tobacco is considered a very dangerous energy, so we should try to keep the namkha protected. Of course, it’s not always possible. We should at least make sure it’s not in direct contact with the smoke. We can’t avoid exposure to tobacco smoke completely when we’re out, but if you keep it in a pouch, cloth or a box, it should be enough. You can cleanse it regularly with incense smoke and recite Vajrasattva mantra if you are concerned.