Namkha is not just a pretty decoration. Namkha is about what it does, not what it is. When the namkha has been properly constructed, the main part is bringing it alive. The namkha essentially serves as a support for divine energies. They are invited to reside on the namkha through the power of intent, ritual with sacred prayers and mantras.

Each namkha is authenticated (empowered) by the Namkha Ritual sadhana that I have received from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. In addition to this core Namkha practice, mandalas and namkhas that have been created for certain functionality will be activated using additional Buddhist prayers and mantras. All these are authentic Buddhist tradition and no New-Age experiment.

Here’s a list of prayers I might do for that purpose. They are recited several times in meditation at a certain stage during the Namkha consecration. I also do periods of intense meditation practice focused on developing these energies.

Note: As a Vajrayana Buddhist, I do tantric practices I received empowerment for. My adherence is to authentic lineages as accepted by the Tibetan community following His Holiness Dalai Lama. My main guru was Penor Rinpoche of the Namcho lineage, so I mostly practice in the Nyingma terma tradition. I received many useful transmissions from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Feel free to ask me more about my authenticity. For tantric mantra, oral transmission is necessary.

This is a list to exemplify how I might bless your namkha, and is by no means exhaustive. It’s also intended to inspire your own practice and do some of these prayers, if you can.

Mantras and dharanis

Apart from the standard Namkha sadhana, I use plenty of  sacred incantations (mantras) that have been pronounced by enlightened beings to cause specific activity.

I most commonly practice the Guru Yoga, Seven Line Prayer and mantras and prayers to Guru Rinpoche, Medicine Buddha, Tara and Avalokiteshvara mantras etc.


For obstacle removal I rely on Six Vajra Verses, wrathful Guru Dorje Drolo of Dugjom sadhana, Guru Drakphur and Ekajati mantra

Harmonization of the 5 elements and astrological aspects

In addition to the Namkha sadhana and the Five Elements mantra, one might also call Tara for harmonization


Mipham’s magnetizing prayer

My personal yidam practice from the Namcho terma


Mipham’s Eight Auspicious Ones

Sampa Lhundrubma


Medicine Buddha

Orgyen Menla sadhana from Dudjom Tersar

Protection from fear and anger

Praises to 21 Taras

For the dead and dying

Namcho Shitro sadhana – blessing the passage of the deceased

Changchog Ritual – releasing the consciousness of the deceased (phowa)

Both are from the Namcho and I got them from Namkhai Norbu

Liberation upon seeing

Specific mantras given by Namkhai Norbu.